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 OM ONLINE  SCHOOL Privacy Policy 

If you want to share your website with us, please contact us before going to the Privacy Policy. If you have any questions about privacy policy, please use the website to block.

 What information do I share on my website 
                                                                                 I write a post from here to go ahead for the children to read them and I will tell the children on the blog about Hindi Grammar English Grammar and the children's poems.To continue reading more children we will continue to share the post.The shares I share are shared only for information.


                                                          If you want to get some information in our post, you can go to Direct Contact Us from us.Comment about the type we post and do not use any incorrect word.

                            Cookies are a very small file that browsers use Uses send our computer to a hard drive.We can use cookies for the future of our website.

 Change privacy policy 
                      OM ONLINE SCHOOL' privacy policy We can change anytime, when we change, its notification will be posted in the post.

 Terms and Condition 
                                  I hope you follow our side's privacy policy.