How can I learn Common English | question and answer | 30 English Question and Answre ?

English Question and Answre ?

Q. 1. What is your name?
Ans. Sir, my name is Ram.

Q. 2. What is the name of your father?
Ans. Sir my father name is Mr. Shyam Sharma.

Q. 3. What is your father or What work does your father do?
Ans.  Sir, My father is a doctor.

Q. 4. How many brothers have you?
Ans. Sir, I have two brothers.

Q. 5. How many sisters have you?
Ans. Sir, I have  two sister. 

Q. 6. How old are you?
Ans. Sir, I am twelve years old. 

Q. 7. What is the name of your eldest brother? 
Ans. Sir, the name of my eldest brother is Rakesh. 

Q. 8. Where do you live?
Ans. Sir, I live at Gonda

Q. 9. What is the name of your school? 
Ans.  The name of my school is Om Inter College.

How can I learn Common  English | question and answer | 30 English Question and Answre ?                                                   

Q. 10. Who is your Head master? 
Ans. Sir, Mr. P. K. Tiwari is our Head Master.

Q. 11. In which class do you read? /or/ What class do you read in?
Ans. Sir, I read in class VI.

Q. 12. Who teaches you English? 
Ans. Sir, Mr. Punit Tiwari teaches us English.

Q. 13. Which subject do you like most?
Ans. Sir, I like English most. 

Q. 14. Who Is your best friend?
Ans. Sir, Abhi is my best friend. 

Q. 15. Where were you born?
Ans. Sir, I was born at Gonda.

Q. 16. What is the name of your district? 
Ans. Sir, The name of my district is Gonda?

Q. 17. How Many days are there in a week? 
Ans. There are severn days in a week. 

Q. 18. Do you go to school on Sunday?
Ans. Sir, I do not go to School on Sunday.

Q. 19. When did India get freedom?
Ans. India got freedom in 1947.

Q. 20. How many children are there in your class?
Ans. There are fifty children in my class.

Q. 21. What game do you like? 
Ans. Sir, I like Hockey, Volley-ball cricket. 

Q. 22. In which School do you read?  or   Where do you read?  
Ans. I read in Om Inter College. 

Q. 23. How far is your school from your home? 
Ans. My school is one kilometre for form my home.

Q. 24. Who is your guardian? 
Ans. Sir, Mr. D. K. Jaker is my guardian.

Q. 25. What games do you play? 
Ans. I play Hockey, foot-ball, cricket. 

Q. 26. What do you do in the evening?
Ans. In the evening I play.

Q. 27. When do you get up in the morning? 
Ans. I get up at 6 O'clock in the morning.

Q. 28. When do you go to bed at night?
Ans. I go to bed at 9 p.m.

Q. 29. Who is the best student of your class? 
Ans. Lucky is the best boy in my class.

Q. 30. When did you join this school?
Ans. I joined this school in 2008.