What is the World Wide Web (WWW)? - World Wide Web (WWW) in English

What is www, which is going on in the termites of everybody in the world today. So in this post we will know what is www. Just think how difficult it was to use the internet a few days ago when www was not discovered. It was very difficult to get any information. In this post we will learn what www is. Come learn - who discovered many new techniques to make using the Internet easier. One of these technologies is WWW which has the full form "World Wide Web". In English we can call it "World Wide Web".
The net here refers to the internet. It is a type of database, which is spread all over the world. It is through this that the user receives the information. The information displayed on it is based on hypertext. In this, the title related to the information is given by the user. It can use all the information related to the title from it. Initially, written information was available only at www. But in the present day pictures, sounds, cartoons, or any other material that you can imagine. Becomes available in it. Examples: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc.

The World Wide Web (WWW), commonly known as the Web image
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What is the full name of www

Team Berners Lee was the director of the W3C. Some people consider the W3C full form to be world-wide-web corporation, while its real full form is as follows: World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Whose full form is World Wide Web.

History of the World Wide Web 

Team Berners Lee was the director of the W3C. Some consider the W3C full form to be world-wide-web corporation, while its real full form is as follows: World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) This organization is fully dedicated to making the Internet and Internet connected products better and easier. was. HTML was also invented in collaboration with this institution, after the invention of HTML, the World Wide Web was also invented with the help of this institution. The World Wide Web was first tested in December 1990 in CERN's laboratories in Switzerland. The development of www was done by team Berner Lee in 1989 in the physical experiment of CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research). In 1983, the first version of www type of web browser was provided to the public by the National Center for Super Computing Applications. It was a basic software product that gave a new height to www, providing a user friendly - graphics user interface (UGI).

What is website-

Today, it may be possible to buy or sell any type of consumer goods, contact with bank, availability of government information for experts. It is all available on one website. At the same time, the website is the largest storage of information and information. In which the latest information about the renunciation of the industry sector, company, industry, politics, can be available. So in this page we will learn about a website. A website is simply a group of web pages. Each website has a name or address. According to its behavior the web provides links between each other. Which may be in different pages. On the main page, the introduction of the website, some introduction and related link is created, it is also called the home page. A simple website relates to a person, institution, business, college, newspaper, etc. At present, almost all institutes, universities, individual fields, etc. have their own websites. For example, some site- https://www.omonlineschool.com/, https://www.chnm.in/

Some essential properties of www

User friendly : User friendly means that many websites can work simultaneously in simple medium with the help of www. Like we become a back link. Which have different websites. Who keeps working Easily accessible from one website to another.

Multimedia document: A multimedia document is one in which we feature a video, audio, animation by a link.

Hyper Text and Hyper Link: In hyper text and hyper link, through www we can make a hyper text file ie a file in which graphic, text, end video, animation etc. are available.

How does web work

We have been acquiring information from the beginning. In which we are using one word more. That is the web. Next we will know what the web is. Web software is added to the client / server information. Web client is a type of program. Which sends its own request for data to a server. When the request is received, it sends the details of the called document to the client.
How does web work

History of the Web 

The web was developed in 1980. This is a protocol that is very important in the Internet. With the help of which data (information) is transferred between two computers.

What is URL 

URL is also a very important part. Which is used to search for information. That is, with its help, we are shown the address of any important web page / website on the Internet. At the same time, it is known that this information is available.

URL Full Name 

Full name of URL is as follows-
U          -            Uniform 
R          -             Resources
L           -              Locator 

What is HTTP 

The name of one of the web addresses begins with the name of a protocol. It is a medium. With the help of which you can connect with information. How all online documents made in HTML will travel between host computer to receiver computer and receiver computer to host computer. For this, he designed a protocol called Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HYPERTEXT TRANSFER PROTOCOL) which is also known as HTTP in short. This is done by a subdomain.

How many parts does a URL contain

A URL can be mainly divided into three parts. Something like this - https://www.chnm.in/2020/05/up-69000-assistant-teacher-recruitment.html sets it apart.
 Protocol - https: //
Server name - www.chnm.in
File Name - /2020/05/up-69000-assistant-teacher-recruitment.html
Three Part 1. Protocol
2. Server name
3. File name

It usually occurs in two ways

1. schem://hostname/description  2. schem:descrption

In this post we learned what www is. And how it works. We learned a lot and we would like to tell you. If you want to know more from this post or have any questions, then you can ask questions in the comment box.