What is the Internet? | Tchnology Internet | Definition, Development, Facility

What is the Internet Definition ? | Definition, Development, Facilities

In this post we are going to learn. What is the Internet? We will learn all the information related to the Internet about the development of the Tchnology Internet. That the Internet is a huge repository of information and information in which every area of ​​the world like science, sports, literature, medicine, stock market, entertainment, society information and newspapers, can get the latest information about the history of famous people from home. You can apply for online shopping, ticket booking, employment. One can read exam results, newspaper magazines. Can do online. And yes it gives us information. Information is available from the Internet, and anyone can avail unlimited benefits in any way. It can be considered the best example of the country's progress. It seems impossible to define the Internet. Cannot define the Internet. Internet of information on the Internet The various computer applications that distribute information development stored on a ubiquitous computer network are a means of user and interaction, according to which it is possible to exchange information without any discrimination.

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Evolution Of the Internet

                            How was the Internet conceived and how did it reach its present form? This is a big question that is going on very fast in the world. Every Internet user emerges in termites. The Internet is basically the result of military activities. Professor Leonard Klinarak of the California University of the Internet conceives. In 1969, Leonard Klinrak was first successful in establishing a relationship between two computers. But the Internet was developed in 1989 at the European Physical Physics Lab in Geneva. It is he who discovered www. Subsequently, in 1993, Mosaic Software introduced any thing on the Internet as a manganese format and every screen on the Internet was then referred to as a web page. The facility of interlinking letters written within the computer of this program was obtained. Soon the facility of interconnecting the documents between different computers was provided by the Internet. From 1995, it will become easier to use the Internet in computers. Today, shopping of any kind of consumer goods, for banks, railways, politics, industry, companies, jobs, information, etc. is available.

  Basic Services of Internet


One option of internet is email which we use. Let's send the message. Which benefits us a lot. Just like if we want to send any message to any corner of the world, we can send it easily. Which should contain the address of the email id. Can be easily sent to his email id. The service is free. An email is divided into three parts. atchnm@gmail .com 

1. Name    (atchnm)

 2 . sign     (@)

 3 . Server Name    (gmail .com)

File Transfer Protocol: 

File transfer protocol is a type of protocol. Which is used to transfer files from one system to another. It establishes two connections between the client process and the server process. In which one performs data transfer and the other to invite information.


This protocol allows you to access a system and use the information available on it, that is, a program that works to access your information resources and database (using the Internet). This service is designed in such a way that the user is provided with many facilities through one site on the Internet, such as software and data that can access the information available on the other site on their computer.


It is a medium available on the Internet that can provide information to the user where Archie only searches the files stored in the server, while the gopher also displays the information available in it (in the file).


It is a program that works to find files stored in a computer server, that is, a group of Archie servers that have different types of files and websites available. It searches any file as per the requirement of the user and makes it available for him.

Web Browser 

The process of searching for information on the Internet is called surfing. The program by which surfing the Internet is called a web browser. It is an application software program that acts as an interface between web server and client machine. We call it web browser.

Search engine is a very important part of the Internet. It is a technology or medium through which information related to any subject can be accessed easily and quickly, ie it is an application program that is used on the Internet. This is done in searching the available website. It is also called information military facility. The first search engine in India was built in 1994 under the name Yahoo.

Some Important Search Engines

What is the World Wide Web | (www) 

The WWW, popularly known as the Web, is a storehouse of information. It is a collection of several documents called web pages, which are interlinked with each other. This interconnection among web pages is achieved using hypertext. Hypertext connect the content on one web page to the content on another web page. They con also be used to connect other sources of information on the Web, such as FTP servers or multimedia objects. Hypertexts are the highlighted or underlined text on a Web page. The cursor shape changes to a pointing hand when the mouse cursor is placed over the hypertext. 

The WWW consists of the following components:

  •  Web page: Represents an electronic document that stores the contents of a website.
  • Website: Represents a set of interconnected Web pages displaying related information on a particular subject.
  • URL: Represents the address of a website on the Internet. URL full name Uniform Resource Locator 
  • Web browser : This program that you can use to access a website on the Internet by specifying the URL of the website. 

How to Connecting  Internet to Computer

The creation of such a network by combining computer and information technologies has created the network. So that the information can be transferred from one place to another in the most affected file format and as soon as possible.

For connecting to the Internet, You need hardware as well as software components. 

The hardware components required are as follows:

  • A computer
  • Telephone connection or cable connection
  • An external or internal modem

The software components required are as follows:

  • An operating system, such as windows
  • TCP/IP - Protocol 
  • Web browser

The prerequisites to connect to the Internet are:

  • Internet connection from an Internet Service provider (ISP)
  • Modem
  • Web browser and URL

Web Browser and URL

After establishing a connection with the ISP through a modem, Web browser needs to bt installed on the computer. In addition, to access a particular website, you need to specify the URL of the website in the location Bar of the Web browser window. The web browser then displays the home page of the requested website. 

How does the Internet work 

internet diagram

The way the Internet works is called a packet routing network. Packet here means data packet. The size of these packets is fixed, such as how many KB or MB it can be, it is predetermined, mostly these packets have a size between 1000 and 3000 characters. Routing means how the data packets will reach from one computer to the rest of the computer, this process is called routing. Many types of hardware devices are used for this. These hardware devices are called routers. When the data from the host computer goes out to the destination computer, then this data packet has to pass through the internet, then how will the data packet from the source or host computer cross the different network and reach the destination. Routers do. Data packets have to pass through a variety of routers throughout their journey. When a data packet from one router passes to another router, it is called hop.

Internet of things benefits

Internet benefit, we will know which are the following: -

 Through the Internet, we can get any information. Any picture, audio, video can be sent to any corner of the world, you can receive it. Emails can be sent, and received via the Internet. This message can be sent and received from one place to another very easily. With the help of internet, you can also know your future. One can play online games through internet. And with its help, you can also watch music and movies online. In today's time, television can also be viewed through the Internet. Through the Internet, you can read books, newspapers and magazines, and get them online. One can also participate in various types of organized competitions with the help of internet. You can also do business with the help of internet. And if any necessary material can be purchased. Through the Internet you can talk to anyone, even in any corner of the world, where the Internet is available. From the Internet, you can get information about Naukri Private Jobs, and can also apply. There are so many benefits of internet. Which is impossible to understand. We have tried to explain to you in some small medium. Yes, you can also do business with the internet. And you can also earn money through the Internet. You can make ticket booking through internet. Through the internet, you can get employment information or you also speak about new dimensions of employment. Cybercafe web designer is the chief. You can also watch movies through the Internet. You can get lots of information and benefits related to the Internet. You can also earn money by writing content through the Internet. You can also create your own blog and website. With which you can make individual or commercial.

What is the Internet?