What is email in english

We call email as electronic mail service. Using this system electronically, we can send our information or message to anyone. Which is done by a computer. Today, this service is working very fast all over the world. We can send messages instantly to any corner of the world via email. It has become a simple means of transmitting information. E-mail messages can be sent as electronic documents. Which takes place in the form of text and graphics. Internet usage is currently being used for over 80% emails. A special email ID is used under this. If you want to email a person, you must also know their email ID. The person you have to email. That is, whatever document or message you want to send, you must have an email ID. This service is absolutely free. There is no charge for this.
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Definition of Email ID

A system through which we send our data (text + graphic) from one place to another through a particular person online is called electronic mail. E-mail is also called mail in common language.

Full Email Name

We see the full name of any sort name. In the same way the email has a full name. Is electronic mail.

History of Email 

The invention of email began in 1969, in 1965 the first email system was created at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, named MAILBOX. But the first email was officially sent in 1971. In 1965, there was another system that sent emails, its name was SNDMSG. APRANET was the world's first Internet network. Since the invention of Appren, there have been many rapid changes in the field of communication in the world. The e-mail was invented by Ray Tomilson. In 1960, he started working on e-mail, but he had success by 1970. As an ARPANET contractor, when Appren was commissioned for research (it was used for Ray Tomilson, Bolt Bareneck and Newman). Tomlinson sent to use @Symbol. Email from one computer to another. It became very easy.

How many parts an email address is made up of

Email address consisting of three parts-
Name - This is the first part of the email address that indicates the username. Eg email address ananya@yahoo.com ananya username in this email address.

@ Sign - It works by dividing the first and third part of the email address. On the sign, @, is usually read aloud as "at"; It is also commonly referred to as a symbol or commercial. We call it -at the rate (@)

at the rate

Server Name- Internet is the name of the server providing the email facility. Eg email address ananya@yahoo.com Has server name yahoo.com 

How to create Email ID ?

  • First open the browser you use, then type www.mail.com in the search box and then click on search.
  • You will find the button written sing up in the right corner, click on that button
  • Then a new page will open, in which something is written like this Create your email account, write whatever you want to keep your mail in the box below.
  • Select Personal details Ms or Mr, Enter a first name, Enter a last name, Country, Select the State,  Enter valid date of birth (minimum age: 16 years) ( MM / DD / YYYY).
  • Password Choose a password At least 8 characters.
  • Enter password Repeat password Enter password.
  • By SMS (recommended) By email Choose at least one recovery option.
  • Security prompt.
  • Then in the last I am agree. click on create an email account now.

How does an email work?

Just as every message is there, there is a match. A message is routed from server to server via simple mail transfer protocol until it makes its way from client to email recipient email server. Sending an email is the same as sending a letter to a friend.
How does an email work?

Types of Email 

Web-based email 

Which get throw mail from a web browser (AOL Mail, Gmail, Outlook.com and Yahoo! Mail)

POP3 Email Servers

POP3 email servers ie Post Office Protocol This service is used for post office.

IMAP email servers

IMAP email servers means Internet Message Access Protocol.

MAPI email servers

MAPI email servers means Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI).

How is email used?

     Email is used in two ways 1. Business and organizational  2.  Personal use
Business and organizational Email - These are related to the email done by the business. as like Facilitating logistics, Helping with synchronization, Reducing cost, Increasing speed, Creating a "written" record, Email marketing.
Personal use Email- Such emails receive personal emails from friends and family members. To use for one's own needs. as like PC use email, mobile,. 

Benefits from Email - 

We have the following written benefits from email, in which we are telling you something-


   If we talk about the speed of email, then this speed is very high. In earlier times, when we used to send letters, it used to take a lot of time. And in today's time when emailing us. So it reaches from one place to another in few seconds.

Simple in use 

See, we can use email very easily. We go a little bit earlier. So let us see that by writing a letter in it, then packed in an envelope and then we had to put it in the post office. And some days were processed. After that our letter used to reach there. Today's our time. That is a very simple way, send a message as you type. Immediately arrives in a few seconds. Our message is easy to use.

One to many 

I get a very nice feature in e-mail. I would like to tell you that we can send many messages simultaneously on email. This facility is very good. Can also be shipped to different place.

Email loss

There is no loss from email. But yes I would like to tell you that many people use password in one mail. It may cause them some loss. Because the password that many people use is their name and date of birth. Which makes it very easy to hack this password. And people can steal your data from. So be careful and there is no harm with email

Hello friend, I would like to tell you guys. That we have learned a lot about mail in this post. If we talk about a little earlier time, then in the earlier time we had to send a letter like an email. Which we used to put in the post office. Then after a process of a few days, the third person for whom he used to put. Used to reach him. And he used to get that information. But in today's time, through email, we can easily communicate our message to another man in a few seconds. So this gives us a lot of information in this post if you want to get any information related to it. So type your question in our comment box. And send us I will definitely try to give you the answer to that question. Thanks subscribe to our website and stay connected with us.


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