What is domain name system | Domain name system types

We will know in this post What is domain name system | Domain name system types. Internet has become the most important popular and compulsory subject in the field of information technologies in modern times. We will read a lesson in this post. Domain Name System. This is part of the Internet connected to the Internet.The Internet is a huge repository of information. In which every region of the world like- science, literature, medicine, stock market, entertainment, music, newspapers, can get information of famous people. They have an address that we can go to. And you can get that subject. Whose domain name is given.We listen to online shopping, ticket booking, employment applications, exam results, education conversations, newspaper magazines, online music through the Internet. Audio and video conferencing etc. All these can take their own address. He can take a domain of his own ie an IP address of his own. On which he can share his information. And whoever needs the information related to him can go to that address and get the information. The one who knows. It is the same domain name. Come and know

What is domain name system

Each computer connected to the Internet has a domain name. In fact, it is the address of the computer, which is called DNS i.e. Domain Name System. Each DNS address is divided into two parts divided by (0.1). DNS is a distributed database used by a TCP / IP application between a host name and an IP address, ie DNS is a system that holds IP address information.
domain name system with example

Example of Domain Name System


 Some people know that domain name and IP address are different, but not. Know here - Both address domain name and IP address have the same meaning. The domain address is used by the user and by the IP address machine. For example, the user writes the same domine address. The computer communicates by converting it to an IP address. And on the basis of this, one computer in the network connects with another computer. 
For example
 Domain Name Address: www.microsoft.com 
                     IP Address:

Domain Name System Types

The domain names were linked to the system. There are different types of interfaces of domains. Therefore, the choice of domain name depends on the user. These are the following types - Scheduled for business organizations, for educational institutions, for military departments, for government institutions, for non-government institutions, for networks, for listed organizations, etc. We will let you know through the chart-

 Network Resources

Some Country Domains

You may have seen something that is a two letter abbreviated dominance. Some two letters which are abbreviated dominions. They have different domiciles for different countries. So in the chart below you will know which two letter domains run in which country. So we read the chats of some domains of some popular countries below.

Country                                   Domain 

India                                                        .in  
Japan                                                   .jp
 Australia                                             .au 
United Kingdom                                   .uk 
Canada                                                   .ca  
France                                                      .fr 
Denmark                                                 .dk

You know what the URL is.

We will talk a little bit about this to explain to you the URL because a lot of people focus on the URL. He understands that yes, this is the same domain name. In this, you would like to tell each one in different form through the example below. So let us know the URL with which the address of a particular webpage website is displayed on the Internet. Also it is ascertained that the information we are looking for. Where is the page stored on the Internet? This is our URL. One form was divided into three parts.

1. Protocal
2. Server Name
3. File Name


                                https://       -     Protocal
www.omonlineschool.com       -     Server Name
2020/05/how-does-computer-connect-to-internet.html   -   File Name

The URL is mainly in two formats.

1. schem://hostname/description 
2. schem: descrption 

Generally, URLs have two formats. Whom I told you. In which you can find the details of the sources present on a particular machine in the appropriate format. And in other we find the common internet source. In this post, we have learned any information related to the URL, Domain Name System, then you can ask in the comment box. You can ask any question. If you know any more information related to it. So you can message us in our comment box. Or you can message on our mail id. We will try to add your post as well. If it is good, if you like this post, then you follow our website, and our YouTube channel. Thank you