what is define communication | different types of communication medium

We are going to learn in this post, what is define communication? The major type of communication media, the exchange of network signals by computers, is possible only through communication media. This can occur in various forms, because each part of the electrical spectrum uses different communication media. The following will tell you, the strength of any network depends on its ability to receive the communication media electrical potential magnetic waves used in the use of that network.We would normally like to tell you that communication media used to exchange current information for network signals to conduct electric current or for magnetic waves and to develop various types of communication systems along with other resources.

What is define communication

data communication media

 Different types of communication media

There are mainly two types of communication media.

1. Wire Communication Media
2. wireless Communication Media

Wire Communication Media

In this, any information is sent or receiver through a layer. Which is known in some brief way - under Wire Communication Media, communication of information between sender and receiver is done through a physical wire or cable, it is also called Guided Wire Communication Media. It requires a driver for transmission of electronic magnetic Signals. The following types of wires are used in this medium of communication.

1. Twisted Pair Cable 
2. Co-axial Cable
3. Optical Fiber Cable 

 Twisted Pair Cable 

A communication medium in which two conductive copper wires are wrapped together to form one wire. These wires are covered with a thick plastic / insulated cover. These two cables are wrapped on each other. A pair of cables acts like a single communication media. This wire is used in equipment such as telephones.

Twisted pair cable | data communication media

Co-axial Cable

A medium of cables through which information is exchanged. It is one of the types of medium twisted pair. But its structure is slightly different from Pier cables. It is used for dispatch of television singles. It is capable of communicating data at a rapid pace when it comes to its high prevalence. It consists of two conductor wires like pier cables. There is a conductor wire in the center of this wire. The copper is made of copper. There is a layer of conductor around it. The second conductor above its cover is wrapped in a fine mesh of copper. The entirety is covered with a jacket ie thick plastic cover. Wiring is more remotely used for telephones and Kevin TVs. Used in local area networks. Short-distance links are used for transmission. Due to which we are able to transmit data. Will be able to see in today's time, it is being used the most. Because this wire is mainly used for TV Signal.
Co-axial Cable |  flexible coaxial cable composed of:

Optical Fiber   Cable 

Now we are going to learn, the meaning of optical fiber cable connection - it is a flexible medium with a thin. It receives and transmits a ray of light, that is, it conducts electromagnetic signals by converting them into light wave form. Fiber optical glass has thousands of such fine hairs. Through these, the waves of light flow through the principle of complete internal transformation of light with minimum horse. The bundles of all fibers are bundled and made of plastic to form a wire. It is extremely cultivated. And it is used to provide maximum number of internet facilities. We will tell you in a little detail that the technique of communicating data through light brought the communication revolution in modern era today. Which is the most used to do internet. Today we are using this cable. Because it is the best cable for convenience.
Optical Fiber   Cable | fiber optic cable definition

Wireless Communication

We will now talk about wireless communication in which data is transferred over the wire. That is, both transmission and receiving are without wires. In this system of communication, the transmission of data is not done through any physical medium but through wireless. That is, in this communication, the translation of  Signals is through the waiter. That is, it is entirely by the exchange of data through waves. In which some are connected through the following types. Which we will come to know differently.
1. Infrared Light
2. Radio Wave 
3. Micro wave 

 Infrared Light

Wireless is a medium in which a very important type of interesting medium and a special type of diode wall is used to exchange data through the centers under this type of structure. This communication system is used in small or open spaces of operations. Due to this medium, the wall cannot cross through other places, it has a very efficient speed of data transmission.
infrared light communication media

Radio Wave 

Electromagnetic spectrum / waves in a radio wave medium with a frequency between 10 KHz to 1 GHz. They are called radio frequency. Through which data is communicated with the help of air or partial antenna. This antenna is emitted by the wavelength heat of the radio waves, the radio wave emitted by the antenna propagates around, which is taken by another antenna. In which there are some types. like- Short wave radio, Very high frequency, Ultra high frequency etc. 
Radio Wave

Micro Wave 

In this system of information communication, radio signals are transmitted by special types of devices. Electronic magnetic waves that have a frequency between 1 GHz to 300 GHz, are called micro waves. It is mainly of two types - 
(A) Terrestrial Microwave 
(B) Artificial Satellite Microwave

Terrestrial Microwave 

tower with a variety of dish antennas for microwave relay

In this system of transmission, a directional parabolic / dish antenna is used for transmission. For this, the transmitted signals are received by the receiving devices, the receiver may use another antenna or other equipment such as TV, mobile phone, radio ready as a device. A microwave transmitter can transmit signals from a distance of about 20 to 30 miles. Other microwave systems, ie repeaters, are placed at a short distance to transmit data over large distances. These include data pressure speeds of up to 16 GHz per second. By the way, we would like to tell you that, when we see in general. So we can see that a share network in which the network is available in the mobile phone. Through which we are able to talk to someone. That is, our data is transferred from here to there, which is through the taro. This is a wave system that is very fine wave. Can not see it-

Artificial Satellite Micro 


With the help of this media, data or data is transmitted to any corner of the world. In which the data or data is being transmitted first to that place. These satellites are micro-relay relay centers set up outside the Earth at par with its . This satellite is placed in the orbit of the Earth at an altitude of about 36000 km from the Earth where it revolves around the Earth. Satellite is one such medium. This transfer of data is established from one place all over the world. It is installed in the center of the earth. Through which the data is published all over the world. That is, it gives information to us.

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