How does a computer connect to the internet

In this post we are going to learn. Let's connect our computer to the Internet. Different types of information about him, which you can get information about. At present, various types of information technology are being developed in the world. The creation of such a network by combining computer and information technologies has created the network. So that the information can be transferred from one place to another in the most affected file format and as soon as possible. We will learn about computer networks and their types, the main tools in data transmission. Computer networks are of many types depending on the dissemination area and data communication facts. Nowadays, the network of computer networks, big and small, is spread all over the world. A huge computer network has been created by connecting all these networks in some way or the other. Whose area of ​​spread is so large. That every computer in the world can be part of a network. That is, with the help of computers located in any part of the world, information of other computers can be provided. The Internet is one such group of millions of computers. In which all computers connect and form a computer network. Therefore it is also called the information Rajpath. So in this post we will know how the internet is connected. And how many types are there. In today's time the Internet is quite spread. Its spread in the world is going on very fast. And it is being fastened according to our changing technology. So that its capacity to work is increased more. We want the Internet to work so fast. Different setups have been put for that. We will learn about the same in this post. Let's know How does a computer connect to the internet?

computer internet connection
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What is ISP 

This service is the Internet service provider (ISP) vender who allows a user to use the Internet. Equality These service providers buy their service. Every few government and educational institutions provide free service. The provider of this internet service is called ISP. There can be different ways of accessing the Internet through an ISP. An internet service provider provides an internet account and email account to a user. Which we call ISP. Very simple language has told you all the things of this post.

Full Name of ISP 

I    -    Internet
S    -    Service
P    -    Provider 

Following are the methods of connecting internet. Of which I will tell you separately. Using one of which you can connect the Internet and run it from computer. So let's see-

1. Broadband connection
2. Leased lines connection
3. ISDN connection
4. Dial up connection

Broadband connection 

We would like to tell you what broadband is. At present, broadband usage is becoming very high. Because it works faster than data transmission speed. This helps the data to run the Internet at a much faster rate. Currently, many broadband technologies are being used by telecom. It is used to express that data concatenation. Which transmit data faster than the speed of data transmission using a stand dial up connection. This is a service through which we access the Internet. Let us know how the connection is done through the picture.

Broadband remote access server connction

 Leased lines connection

 Results use the live service to connect one consumer to another. Use of this connection subscribes to the telephone network. He feels it. That a connection line is dedicated to the same. It does not require dialing a number to establish a connection. This is a service that is a wireless connection. There is no need for outside or dialing any number, this service is completely dedicated to the consumer. And two are always connected with the other consumer. Explain through the picture.

 Leased lines connection


Dial up Connecting to the Internet

Internet connecting is one such service. Which provides the company / organization providing telephone facilities. Under this, people can connect you with the switches located on the exchange in the area tomorrow. For this, you have to dial the number of that exchange, it is commonly used to access the Internet through telephone. Once a connection is established, consumers can exchange information. It is a very popular medium of internet connection. Communication is required to establish a connection to a computer. Also called dial up service. Connection is the medium. Which allows for easy exchange of information.
Dial up Connecting to the Internet

 ISDN connection to the Internet

This service is purely an Internet connection medium for the consumer. There are some things related to an Internet service provider. Digital transmission media is used in this. Simultaneously circuit and packet switching techniques are also used. Its use has brought a revolution in digital transmission all over the world. This service has been working very fast. Following are some important things related to an Internet service provider. Just like first thing, speed is second, interface is third, storage capacity is fourth, software depends on these things, so we go first. Speed ​​is an important point to find the rate of data transfer provided by speed. There are different types of interfaces for each computer connected to the interface. Choosing an interface depends on the user. Example- Graphic interface, storage capacity allows each user to store information to a certain extent. Communication is required to establish software connected to the computer.
 ISDN connection to the Internet

Full Name of ISDN 

 I    -    Integrated
S    -    Services
D   -     Digital
N  -      Network

In this post, we have learned that connecting to the Internet means that by which method data can be transferred to the Internet. That is, how can any information be transferred. With the help of which we can connect to far-flung computers. And can connect to multiple computers simultaneously. As we know, there is an internet connection. But not everyone knows this. Which way is it. So today we will learn the same thing in this post, if there is any information related to it, or any question, you can ask us in the comment box. I will definitely answer your question. And I will try to give it. To stay connected with us, subscribe to our website. And subscribe to our channel. Thank you.