Computer Hardware Basics

We have come to know that a computer is an electronic machine. Now we will know what is computer hardware? The part of the computer that we can touch and feel. We can see that computer has many components like keyboard, mouse, monitor, etc. Which we can touch. The same is called hardware. The part that we add to the computer, we use it.  Some parts are also connected inside the computer. Which we call internal hardware. Which contains input data through some hardware. And some is output through hardware, the memory device in which data is stored, we also call it hardware.
principles of computer hardware

 Types of computer hardware

Some parts that are connected to the computer. They are collectively known as hardware. It is something like this,

       Input Devices:- 

 The input devices are used to give instructions ot the computer. For example,   keyboard, mouse, monitor, microphone, joystick, scanner,

Processing Devices:-  

The Processing devices are used to processing data to the computer. For example- System Unit- Motherboard, CPU

      Output Devices:-   

The output devices are used to display output of an operation. Example- printer, monitor and speakers,

     Storage Devices:- 

 The data is storage devices for processing data as well as for future references.
                                     Primary Storage Device-  RAM,
                                     Secondary Storage Device-  Hard Disk, Floppy Disk, Compact Disk.


A connected part of the computer is the keyboard. Which looks completely similar to a typewriter. Which is used to input data. Which has different keys. On which data is determined. A keyboard consists of several keys. Such as figurative keys, numeric key, function keys, Arrow (direction) keys,
Special keys. 


A mouse is a small parts  of computer . Which is connected to the system unit through a wire dimmer. A computer mouse is used to move an arrow or mouse pointer on a computer screen. A mouse helps us point and select the thing on the screen. You can enter or enter data by clicking the mouse. A computer mouse has two or three buttons, which the user can select options from the screen.This is another input device.


The monitor is the output device that looks like a TV screen. The tasks you perform using a mouse or keyboard are data that have been processed that need to be displayed to the user. You can also view pictures and cartoons using a monitor monitor, also known as a VDU. VDU streamed visual display unit. The display can be black and white or eater in color.


The output on the VDU cannot be stored for later reference. Printed paper is called a printout. Printers are capable of printing at very high speeds. Some printers can print only in black and white while others can print in any color. The printer is typically used with PC. There are different types of printers available in the market. For example, dot matrix printers, ink-jet printers and laser printers.


A microphone is used to input sound in a computer. You can record it on a computer using a microphone. This is a input device.


This is a input device. His used to capture data, such as photographs and documents on paper and change the information into a raster computer image. 


A speakers is multimedia machine. His used to listen to the sound file. Speakers is a input device used to sound listen.


This is a pointing device. His used to computer games and ultrasound scanners in hospitals.


Plotter is an output device that is designed to reproduce charts, drawings, maps, Three-dimensional illustration and other forms of hard copy.

Processing Devices

The processing devices are used to process the instructions given to the computer.


When the data is input to the computer, it is processed and output is produced on the output device. When you open the system unit, a large board with several small electronic circuits and other components appears. It is called motherboard. All peripheral devices are connected to the motherboard. The input and output devices connected to the system unit are also known as peripheral devices. The components of the motherboard are: chipset, microprocessor, clock chip, memory-RAM and ROM, bus, port


 CPU is the brain of a computer. The chipset of a modem card will be very different from the chipset of a computer's CPU. The CPU chip is responsible for processing data, storing data and retrieving information. Even, processors themselves have separate chipsets. For example, a Pentium III and a Pentium IV have separate chipsets.
Memory Units

 Storage Devices

A device that preserves information for retrieval is called a memory device. All computers require storage space and memory to run programs and store files. Most computers have a combination of storage devices that can store the necessary data, instructions.There are two types of devices. 
  1. Primary Storage Device
  2. Secondary Storage Device

Primary Storage Devices 

                                  The primary storage device for a computer is Random Access Memory (RAM). RAM is a volatile storage device.

Secondary Storage Devices

The Secondary Storage Devices for computer is floppy disk, hard disk, and compact disk. data stored in these devices is stored permanently:

Hard Disk: 

                     The hard disk is high storage capacity disk and is permanently placed inside the computer.

Floppy Disk: 

                       This is a portable secondary storage device with which you can copy the data from one machine to another machine.

Compact Disk 

This is also a portable storage devices. It use a CD writer to store data on the compact disk. The data can be read using a CD drive.

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