which the plant bends in the direction of light "-

In this post, we are telling you. That if sunlight is on a tree from one side to another, So that tree leans towards that. From which side a ray of light is coming. What is the reason for this? We know how useful the plant is for our lives. Therefore it is important for us to know about the plant. And often we see some such plants. Which happens in our garden gardens, that hang on one side. We planted one such plant.

We take a plant and plant that plant in the middle of a garden. Where a little light comes from one end. We will see that plant a few days later that plant leans towards it. The sunlight is coming from the side. If you guys are reading our post exactly this, then try to do this thing by which you guys will get to experience it completely. If you plant a plant in your house. Put a plant in a pot and keep that plant near the window. Keep the window through which light is coming. Then you will see after a few days that "that plant will be bent on the side from which the light is coming. The reason for this is the quality of the positive light of the column being followed by the growth hormone produced in the plant from light to dark. Due to which the growth in the dark part is more due to which the plant bends in the direction of light "-
I would like to tell you a few channel points about plants. As plants make their food through photosynthesis. And they also get water or some mineral elements from the ground. They can be directly obtained from the air through carbon dioxide and oxygen transmission for photosynthesis. There are two types of answers to the functioning of the circulatory system in plants, one is that the xylem and phloem plants require water to produce food and minerals for the manufacture of protein through the action of photosynthesis. They receive food by photosynthesis through the leaves. They get minerals through their roots. And we all know how useful our tree plants are.

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