what is matter definition

In this post we are going to learn what substance is. If we talk first, the ancient philosopher of India has classified the substance into five value elements. Those are called substance. This is the five elements, air, earth, fire, water and the sky, according to them all things are made from these five elements. Whether it is alive or inanimate. Greek audiences of the same time also described the substance in a similar way. Modern scientists have classified the substance in two ways on the basis of physical properties and chemical nature. In this study we are going to acquire knowledge about matter based on physical properties. See the chemical aspects of the substance, we will read in the next post. Earlier everyone had said that the substance is - a piece of wood is continuous but other ideology believed that the main substance is made up of particles of the same kind. Let us now learn further what the substance actually is. What is the actual analysis of

 matter definition

"A substance is an object that has some volume and mass. The substance is classified into three states, solid fluid and gas."
After knowing about the matter, questions must be arising in your mind, whether the substance consists of particles. So let us see if matter is really made up of particles. See sugar or salt is both these substances. Here we can say that it is a substance. When we dissolve it in water with water. So it mixes completely in water. Therefore we can say that matter is made up of particles. Because it has different particles, and they merge with each other to form a serpent. Now other questions arise, how small can we see the substance that we can see in the solution of sugar and water. How small its particles can be. Now our next question that arises is that there is a space between particles of matter. Can we say that Exactly because we have seen that there is no difference between sugar and water solution now. He is completely mixed up in water. Now to say our next question which will arise is that particles of matter are continuously moving. I would like to tell you that you fill water in two glasses, put ink in one glass and honey in another glass. A few days later or a few hours later you will see how you are getting along. So this will give you an idea of ​​what material is moving. Just now you think, our next question arises, what do the particles of matter attract each other - like taking a nail of iron and a piece of moon and a rubber band by cutting or hammering them on it? Try to remove. Due to which of these three are more strongly connected to each other. If we see, the answer to our question will be how the particles of matter are related to each other and how solid.
Now we have talked that there are three types of substances. They have three states, - like solid liquid gas. Now we will first talk about solid state like if we take pen, book, needle and wooden rod, then what is it that is solid in a way. Size is ambiguous boundaries and fixed volume  force is completely  and fixed size and volume. The differential molecular force in a solid is quite strong. Due to which the particles are strong. Therefore, its shape is fixed. Now we will talk about its volume of fluid but the size is uncertain. It does not have a definite shape. Which elements are less than the density of the fluid.
Gases are very even  type. Both their size and volume are uncertain. Solid liquids and gases dissolve in these three states, the highest intensity found in gas. I would like to tell you one point that water can remain in all three states of matter. We can see that there are two types of substances, such as ice as solid, water as liquid, and vapor as gas. One will come under physical property and one chemical property under physical property, solid liquid gas and element compound mixture under chemical property. So far, our metallic and non-metallic compounds will come in organic and inorganic mixture.
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