Mud Pot

Mud  Pot is completely made of clay, for which two types of soil can be taken. Some nuts are made in this way. They are also made from the soil of the upper surface of the ground. To make either pot, remove the soil from the bottom 10 feet and then make the pot. It takes at least 8 days to make the pot completely. First let's make the shape of the pot. Then after that cook it in a furnace. The cooking process is slightly longer, assuming it will be solid. The meaning of concrete is that some of the unbreakable ones form the pot in this way. Now we go further-

mud pot making machine

 mud pot yellowstone

Do you know that the water in the mud pot remains cool. If not, we will know in this post today how the water in the mud pot remains cold. I would like to tell you first that there are very small holes in the clay pitcher. We know that if anything happens, there are definitely holes in it. Whatever information we have learned and seen till date, we came to know from it that yes, holes are present in everything. Similarly, there are many small holes in the clay pitcher. From which the water filled in the pitcher keeps coming on the outer surface. And the water evaporates from the heat of the atmosphere. There is lack of heat, ie coolness due to vapor. This action goes on continuously, due to which the water filled in the pitcher remains cold.

According to earlier, there has been a lot of change in India. People here have tap facilities. Due to which people use cold water from time to time. Now we have also got many electric appliances. Due to which we drink water cold. Some people still like to drink Matki water. Some people also have hobby, not only drink pot water but people drink tea in clay pots, it is called Kulhar. There is so much more.

In this post, we learned what matka is. You can type the message by going to our comment box for information related to how water remains cool in an earthen pot. And can send to us. We will definitely complete your information. If you have any information related to it, then you can tell us in the comment box itself that if that too is good, then we will add it to this post.

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