What is Computer in English | What is computer ? | Its Basic Information | Easy and Quick

A computer is an electronic machine used for storing data and processing information. The data can be programmed with the given instructions. A computer is composed of hardware and softwareAfter the hardware in the computer, a processing device is used to process the instruction given to the computer. can eist in a variety of sizes and configurations. A computer works on these methods. For example, we can say that data is given as input, ie according to the hardware (raw materials), then as a process, ie (assembly) then as output, ie according to the software. an automobile assembling unit would include body, engine parts, tires, and so on

What is Computer in English | What is computer ? | Its Basic Information | Easy and Quick

what is computer hardware
Computer System

Development of the Computer

How important is the computer in today's time. Everyone has started experimenting at home. It is capable of doing tasks very easily. Which we use it more, let us take a look at the initial development of the computer.

The development cycle of the computer is as follows

Napier Bones (1600), Pascal (calculator 1642), multiplying machine, differential engine, census tebulator (1890), mark-1 (1937-44), abc (1939), Eniac (1946) ), Idevac, Univec (1954), Microprocessor (1970), Apple 2nd - (1977), Parsnal Computer (1981).

"Special information: 

  • The word computer is derived from the Greek word comput. The word Compute means to calculate. 
  • What is going to confuse us with the word computer is a mathematics professor "Charles Babbage", how useful is the computer for people in the world today "                                      
  • Lady Ada Augusta created the first program in the Analytical Engine. This makes Lady Ada Augusta also the first programmer. Lady Ada Augusta is also credited with the binary number.

Generations of Computer

 However, it would not be wrong to say that computer has changed in the past 30  years compared to the development of human beings. A different phase of the development of computers, when there is a major change in technology, is called generation.
following are the five generations of computer.
They used for the memory
Vacuum tubes
Present and Beyond
Artificial Intelligence

What is Hardware

We will know what is hardware? Whatever system is connected to a computer, we collectively know it as hardware. So we know that the external part of a computer is called hardware. For example, the terms monitor, mouse, keyboard, speaker and printer are covered under hardware. These devices are collectively referred to as hardware. Thus hardware includes all the physical components of a PC system.
It is an input device of a computer, which looks like a typewriter console. A fixed button is available on every instruction in a keyboard.
This is another input device, its user can select option from the screen.
The monitor is similar to a TV screen. Which displays both text and graphic images.
You can use speakers on a multimedia machine to listen to the sound files.
It is also a common output device. You can get output on paper using the printer. Printers are capable of printing at very high speeds.
A scanner is a input device used to capture information.
A microphone is an input device. It is used to record sound.
 It is mainly used for computer games and ultrasound scanner in hospitals.

 What is Processing devices

When we give instructions through a keyboard or mouse, a processing device is used to process the instructions given to the computer. That is what we call a processing device, that is, a computer that works or searches. An example of microprocessor processing devices is the system unit, (motherboard, CPU).
Motherboard is the input and output devices attached to the system unit are also known as the peripheral devices.
 CPU is the brain of the computer and is placed inside the system unit.

What is Storage devices

A storage device is the device in which we store data. That is, you know that we need anything to keep anything on the spot, the same place will be in a computer as well. Only then we will be able to keep the data. The data is stored in the storage device for data processing as well as for future references. These storage devices are two types; Examples –

Primary storage devices- (RAM)

 Secondary storage devices- include (hard disk, floppy disk, and compact disk).

RAM is a volatile storage device
Hard Disk
The hard disk is a high storage disk. It is permanently placed inside the computer.
Floppy Disk
You can copy the data from one machine to another.
Compact Disk
You use a CD writer to store data on the compact disk.

What is Software

We will know the software, see there are three actions in it, the first is that when we give instructions to the computer, in the same way many instructions are called programs. After that when there is a set of many programs, we call it a software. We can say - A set of instructions is called a program. A set of programs written to achieve a common purpose is called software.

 Software is classified into two types: application software and system software

Application Software
Application software is designed for a specific work. 
System Software
System software makes computers fit to work.

How does a computer work

Now that we see how a computer works, first thing we do is direct the computer through the button. The second thing is that the computer processes that work on that instruction. The third thing is that we see the result. The entire computer works on this basis. Now a correct way Now we see how each component of the PC system relates to the I-P-O cycle. The data in the request slip is input into the computer via the keyboard. Therefore, the keyboard is an input device. Processing is performed by a component of a system unit called a microprocessor. The availability of seats is displayed on the VDU. Therefore, VDU is an output device.

Which computer devices are output, input and processing-

As you know, a computer follows the I-P-O cycle for processing. Therefore, all the devices can be categorized as input devices, output devices, and processing devices.
The input devices are used to give instruction to the computer. For example, keybord and mouse.
An example of microprocessor processing devices is the system unit, (motherboard, CPU).
The output devices are used to display output of an operation. For example, moniter and printer.

Know Your PC

A portable computer is an electronic device that can receive computer data or exchange data. A portable computer has some input, output and, storage devices. There are essentially three classes of portable computers; Laptops, palmtops and personal digital assistants (PDAs).

Benefits and limitations of computer

The fact that computers have made their impact almost all aspects of life in critical word can hardly be questioned. The question that you may ask here is that how one benefits from using a computer

A computer provides three basic benefits:

Speed : Talking about the speed of computer, computer is this electronic machine. Which works very fast. Speaking of an average computer, the human equivalent of this computer would be one lakh mathematicians who work 24 hours.
Accuracy: Computer rarely makes mistakes. A computer is a machine, so we know that the machine does not make mistakes. But one more thing I would like to mention is that if there are mistakes in the computer then it is due to human faults.
Diligence:  A computer is completely different than a man. He is a machine. He is not bored or tired of any work like a man. Repeated work is not affected. He can work continuously.

Limitations of Computer

Although a computer can perform tasks faster than humans, it cannot do it easily because they are less flexible than humans. They have to clearly state whether to do it or that means they are within the scope of a definition. They cannot do anything without giving instructions. When the computer does not get the right instructions, they give the wrong result, or leave that work completely. He has no ability to find an alternative solution like a human. I will tell you again that it is an electronic machine.

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