Do you know that the same energy from the Sun-

Do you know that the same energy from the Sun-

             Yes, in this post we are going to tell you that we get energy from the sun, see how the energy - first we have to know that sun ,what is sun, 

 What is sun?                

The Sun is a type of star that shines with its own light.The atoms of hydrogen present in the center of the Sun combine to form the molecules of helium, a process known as nuclear fusion. During this activity there is a decrease in mass which is converted into energy. We get this energy in the form of heat and light energy.

                                                             Due to the heat from the sun, the air gets heated and rises and the surrounding cold air moves rapidly to take its place, due to which the air flow is formed. This is the reason that storms, storms, cyclones etc. keep coming in many places. The water of seaside lakes, rivers and ponds rises in the form of thermal radiation of the sun and the rapid flow of air also converts water into vapor. Water vapor rises up into the atmosphere to form clouds as a result of condensation. When cold, water from the cloud returns to the earth in the form of rain or snow. 


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In the presence of sunlight, tree plants make their food as chemical compounds by water green salts and carbon dioxide in the process of photosynthesis. Therefore, in the process of photosynthesis, the energy of the sun (solar energy) is stored as chemical energy. Trees are our source of food. Therefore, the main source of energy we get from food is actually the energy of the sun. The energy of the sun is stored in the form of chemical energy in wood and cow dung cakes, it is also an energy source and the energy stored on burning is released in the form of light and heat.
See we are going to talk in this post, Sun is very important source of energy. Its energy in the form of light and heat is produced by the fusion of hydrogen atoms. Plants use the sun's energy during photosynthesis for food. Evaporation of water from the sea is possible due to the heat of the sun. These evaporations form clouds. Therefore, any type of energy that we use comes from the Sun. 

sunlight energy

     This energy is converted into electrical energy in a solar cell or photo voltaic cell. These cells are used in solar powered calculators, radios, telephones, space equipment and water heaters. Energy derived from the sun is called solar energy. Brahmin only Sun is such energy source. The source of solar energy is the nuclear enclosure in the Sun which emits a large amount of energy. Only 47 percent of the solar energy reaches the bottom of the Earth, the remaining part is absorbed and converted by the atmosphere. Sun becomes natural and the main source of sun is the use of solar energy. The forests use our plants and solar energy to make food.
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