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 What is Shivaratri 

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Lord Shiva has many names, people know that - Gods of Gods are Mahadev, Bholenath, Damru Baba, Shivji, Lord Shankar and Trinetri and others.
Shivaratri is a famous festival in India, and people wait for this festival. On Shivaratri, people stay hungry and fast for the whole day. This festival is also famous in India. Because the population of Hindus is more here. And Hindus celebrate this festival with great pleasure. Hindus are very keen on Shivaratri. Lord Shiva is worshiped on this festival. People worship Shiva with a very true mind. On the day of Shivaratri, people worship in temples with utsas. As it is seen, the reverence of Lord Shiva is more. A large number of devotees visit the temples on the day of Shivaratri. Worshiping Lord Shiva. Shiva speaks his mind in front of the idol. It is also said that Lord Shankar is very naive. He hears the worship of devotees very quickly, and also fulfills it. Lord Shiva has many names, people know that - Gods of Gods are Mahadev, Bholenath, Damru Baba, Shivji, Lord Shankar and Trinetri and others.

 When and how do you celebrate Mahashivaratri? 

          On Mahashivaratri, people stay hungry all day and offer prayers to Shiva. This festival is anyway celebrated between February and March. But according to Hindu calendar, Chaturdashi of the Krishna Paksha of Phalgun month is celebrated. On this day, devotees go to temples and offer prayers. And to fulfill their heart's desires, they fast for the whole day starving. Offer flowers, fruits and milk to Lord Shiva and worship him. And put their wishes in front of Shiva. On this day, people consume only fruits and milk until the worship is completed. And in the evening the procession of Lord Shiva is taken out. And people end this festival by singing and dancing with great joy.

Why is Shivratri Celebrated            

                                    It is believed. That when Shri Ram was in exile. Then Sita Mata is killed. Then there, in search of them, wanders here and there. Then on the Mount Kailash, both Mahadev Ji and Mother Sati are talking on the same subject. Then Mother Sati says! That Shri Ram is God. And they don't know. Where is the mother of Sita. I do not believe this view. That Shri Ram does not know, that Mother is Sita. Then Mahadev says that he does not really know. Where is the mother of Sita. Then Mahadev says. If you don't believe it That Shri Ram really knows. Where is Mother Sita. Or he is pretending. So you can go and test them. Only then does Mother see Sati. Ki Lakshman and Shri Ram are searching for Mother Sita in the jungles. Mata Sati then appears in the forest taking the form of Mother Sita. Then this is what Shri Ram sees when So it is said, where is the salute mother and father. After hearing this, Mother Sati studies in thought. And then she leaves and returns back to Kailash. Then Mahadev asks. Where did you go You took the examination of Shri Ram or not, then Mother Sati says. Whether Mahadev is an interim on examination. Are omniscient. They know That Sati is lying to me. Then Mahadev says this in his mind. That Sati has taken the form of my mother Sita. So Mahadev says in his mind. That the wife cannot have a relationship with him in this birth. Saying this, he abandons them from his heart. And later Mata Sati also comes to know. That Mahadev has abandoned me.

A few days later Mata Sati's father conducts the Yajna. So Mata Sati insists on going to that yagya. But she alone goes to that yagya. There his sister talks to him a little less. But mother respects him. And when Mata Sati looks over there. That Mahadev's seat is not there. And don't even invite them. So she considers her husband Parmeshwar an insult. And she gets angry and gives her sacrifice in that yagya. After this incident Shri Ram goes to Mahadev ji and says himself. That when you come to the proposal of marriage, you accept it. Later, when Mother Sati ji takes birth on earth by assuming a new form of Mother Parvati. The father incarnates as a daughter in the house of Him Naresh and mother Maina. And when she grows up. Then Nava Yogeshwar tests them. So says Parvati ji. That I will marry, if not only Mahadev, then I will remain a virgin for a long time. Nav Yogeshwar is very happy to hear this answer. After this Mahadev ji's marriage is decided. And then both Mata Parvati and Mahadev get married. Devotees celebrate this joyous occasion as Maha Shivaratri.

 What is the significance of Mahashivaratri? -

                                                      Mahashivratri is an important festival for Hindus. People are big about this festival. Stay happy People have more love and reverence for Lord Shiva. Because Lord Shiva is very kind. And Shiva is very naive. He removes people from darkness and leads them to light. This means Let's show people the right path. By the way, on the day of Shivratri it is very dark. We listen We get energy from the light of And light always spreads the light. But we do not see that. That he burns himself. We can change the coming light into the darkness with our hands. But we cannot change the darkness. Because darkness extends everywhere. Light always comes from there. Who is burning himself. Limited quantity is available, but no amount of darkness is limited. Similarly, people keep a fast on the day of Shivaratri and worship Lord Shiva. And in his life too, with the desire of coming from darkness to light, this Shivaratri is associated with happiness and enthusiasm. It is unlimited. He is all around. Shivaratri day is a day of joy for devotees. And devotees worship themselves to Lord Shiva and consider themselves very happy. Similarly, Mahashivratri is full of great ambitions for the devotees.

 Story of Mahashivratri 

                                     Once upon a time! That a man named Chitrabhanu lived. He used to hunt in the forests to feed his family. He was a hunter. But a businessman used to ask for money from him. He had taken money with that businessman. One day the merchant came and took Chitrabhanu. Chitrabhanu was kidnapped by a businessman. The day the merchant took Chitrabhanu. It was Shivratri that day. So he listened to the story of hungry stomach in the morning. And similarly after a while when the merchant came to give my money. So Chitrabhanu said, give me some time. I will launder your money after that the merchant left Chitrabhanu. After this Chitrabhanu walked towards the forests. To hunt, while he was walking towards the forests. 
                                         He was feeling very hungry and thirsty. Because he did not eat food. Because he was with the businessman. So then slowly evening began. So he saw a tree. He cut the tenia to make his stay on that tree and started making arrangements for his stay on that tree. The tree was of a vine. And he was near the pond. There was a Lord Shiva lingam under that tree. Which was under the vine leaves. Chitrabhanu was cutting twigs on the tree. So the vine leaves were also falling on the Shivling. And it was also worshiped together. After an hour passed, a deer came to drink water near the pond, and Chitrabhanu took out his bow and started aiming. When Dhanush was aiming through the leaves. So the deer said that I am pregnant. 
                                                  You will know not one but two and you will be a partaker of sin. Hearing this, Chitrabhanu let the deer go to his family. So Chitrabhanu took his bow inside. While inside, a few vine rows fell on the lingam. And it was worshiped for 1 hour. After this, after 1 hour another deer came to drink water on the pond. So Chitrabhanu took a bow and started aiming. Then the deer said to let me go, I come to my husband. My husband is waiting for me. And I will meet them and come back to you and then you kill me. Then Chitrabhanu took his bow back. While falling back, the leaves of the vine fell on the Shivling, similarly in the second hour, Shivling worship was done. After this, the third deer came to the pond with his children to drink water after 1 hour. Then Chitrabhanu again took out the bow. And started aiming. So I told the deer that do not let me go, do not kill me first, put my children near my husband and then kill me. Similarly Chitrabhanu retracted his bow for the third time. And while retreating, the leaves of the vine fell on the Shivling again. Similarly, Shivling was worshiped for the third time. After some time, the husband of the three deer was passing by the pond. So Chitrabhanu took out his bow and started aiming. So he said that let me meet my three wives once.
                                                After this I will come to you together with my wives myself. Give me life now is my promise. That I will definitely come back. Then he goes. And after some time the trio comes back with wives. But Chitrabhanu leaves everyone. Because he would know that he was doing wrong. After this he goes back. For this reason, it was also fasted and worshiped. And he stayed awake all night and also completed Jagran. After his death, he was taking it to Yamlok. So in the middle Shiva takes it with Shivlok. And it attains salvation. We get education here from this story. If Lord Shiva ji also considers worship performed inadvertently. Then there is definitely the fruit of worship done with love.


 Conclusion of Shivaratri -

                                                       Shivaratri is an important festival. Hindus have faith in Lord Shiva. Devotees are very excited with Shiva and with Lord Shiva. And on this festival, worshiping with your body, mind and wealth, ask for a vow to fulfill your wishes. You can comment for information related to this post. And can come in contact with the go-to contact.