Gonna tell you in this post Llight-Bulb-Definition,  What is CFL  , Full Form of CFL Lamp,  What is LED, Full Form of LED Light,  Benefits of LED bulb etc.

 What is Bulbs 

Bulbs are based on the thermal effect of electric current. When current flows in its fibers it becomes hot. In this process, the temperature of the fiber increases from 1500C to 2500 0C and it gives light.
 Formation   :
                                  The electronic bulb is a hollow ball of the couch which the air inside it emits vacuum. On the top of the bulb is mounted a brass cap with two pins on each side. Seals are closed by filling the mouth of the cap with a flat. Two stitches of zinc are attached to the flattened rice. Stitches are related to two thick wires. These wires are carried through the tube of a couch in such a way that do not touch each other. A fine wire of tungsten is attached between their inner ends, called afiber.
The melting point of tungsten is very high (34000c). Therefore, when an electronic current flows in the fiber, it becomes white-colored and gives white light. The defect in this bulb is that tungsten evaporates slowly at a temperature higher than 21000c and settles on the bulb wall, which causes the light coming out to fade.

Ordinary and low power bulbs have a vacuum. But high-capacity bulbs contain some inert gas, such as nitrogen or organza. This does not cause the fiber to evaporate and the lamp's light increases. It is necessary to remove the air from the electronic bulb, otherwise the fiber will burn by adding oxygen to the air when the gas is hot. This does not happen in the presence of inert gases. In gas bulbs, the fibers are spirally made into a coil. This has the advantage that due to the lower surface, less gas comes into its contact. Due to which the heat loss is reduced by convection and conduction. Normally about 5% of the electronic energy spent in the bulb is converted by light. The remaining energy is converted into heat, which is released from the bulb by radiation.

 What is CFL  

full form of cfl lamp

Currently working bulbs provide 14 lumens of light resistance and have an average lifespan of about 1000 hours. Now CFL was invented, inspired by the purpose of electronic energy saving. A CFL is capable of providing about 80 lumens of light per watt, which means that it gives as much light in 20 percent of the electronic compared to an electric bulb and has an average lifespan of 6000 to 15000 hours.

 Full Form of CFL Lamp   
C               Compact 
F          Fluorescent 
L                   Lamp

 What is LED 
The LED electronic energy saving approach is a revolutionary feature. The age of LED is 25000-50000 hours. The LED typically emits 100 lumen reversal light, which is 25 percent higher than CFL.

  Full Form of LED Light  
L Light 
E  Emitting 
D Diode
what is the full form of led light

 Benefits of LED bulb 
                This bulb has many benefits. It does not take time to burn, lifespan, work produces more light in electronic, also does not harm the environment. Its use has increased with the sale of subsidized rates by the government.
 LEDs make LEDs from semiconductor materials such as gallium arsenide, aluminum, gallium arsenide, zinc salinide, silicon boring nitrous, and carbon dioxide. In this, electronic current flows and electrons and flowers mix. Yuminesens called.