What is Artificial Intelligence in Computer

     You can learn in this post, What is Artificial Intelligence in Computer , Ordinary Intelligence Powerful Artificial Intelligence, Unique Artificial Intelligence etc., that this post can get information related to the termites of computers or robots. Which was completely created by humans. Come, what is the artificial intelligence to go forward. And how many have been made so far.

Artificial Intelligence

artificial intelligence diagram

Robots and automatic machines form the basis of which technology. We call it a machine intelligence. At this time, research is going on in many countries around the world for intelligence development. He is trying to make it so that he too can think and listen and feel like a human being. We can say that as humans do everything with their termites, so can robots. We can say that robots should do just that. Electronic circuits and programming within robots generate the ability to make decisions and act on the basis of circumstances. This is mechanical intelligence.
Machine intelligence type
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   Ordinary  Intelligence
Powerful Artificial Intelligence

Unique Artificial Intelligence


  Ordinary Intelligence 

                                                    This intelligence can generally perform a system-specific task. Computers or robots that have simple intelligence. He will play computer or robot chess but will be unable to perform other tasks. That is, we can say that a computer or robot with simple intelligence can only be used to play games. We can say that such intelligence is called ordinary intelligence.

 Powerful Artificial Intelligence 

                                                                       The powerful artificial intelligence is such an intelligence that a person can do some work by thinking a lot. And can also make the most difficult decisions. If such a mechanical system or robot that works at par with man-termites, then its intelligence is called powerful intelligence.

 Unique Artificial Intelligence 

                                                                        In this category of artificial intelligence, it will be more than the intelligence of human being, but this machine will continue to develop the level of intelligence within itself by learning. This sequence of development and improvement in artificial intelligence will be exponential. These machines or robots will be equipped with unique artificial intelligence. Emotional intelligence may also arise in it.

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