What is Computer?

What is Computer? A computer is an automated and functional electronic device that carries data and stores or displays data processes for a result according to software or programs. 

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History of Computer

what is a computer in english
The first efforts towards the development of computers were made by Charles Baby in the 19th century, so he is called the father of computers. Siddhartha is the first computer manufactured in India. In the year 1946, Eniac became the world's first fully electronic digital computer.This first generation computer was based on vacuum tube technology. But current computers are based on binary systems.

With Output

Results processed by the computer are displayed or obtained through these devices such as video display units, printers etc.

With Input

This device is used to communicate data facts and instructions inside the computer like keyboard, optical character reader, optical mark reader, magnetic ink character reader, light pen, trackball, scnner, joystick, etc.


The central processing unit is the most prominent part of the computer, which operates the entire computer system using instructions. This is called the heart or brain of the computer. CPU prominence is divided into two parts 1 control unit 2 economic logic unit.


Arithmetic logic units are used for all kinds of numerical mathematical operations as: (adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing) and (comparing or telling two numbers which is smaller and which is larger) or (whether or not both are equal) etc. Arithmetic logic unit is used to do mathematical calculations.

Control Unit: 

 It works to use and control the instructions correctly.


The memory unit used to store data is the entire memory unit divided into two parts 
1. Primary memory
 2. Secondary memory

Primary memory

Primary memory is the data storage of a computer where information is stored. Memory storage is divided into two parts.
 1. RAM 

1. RAM
        Ram is a variable temporary memory. It is also called the main memory of the computer. It is an important part of the computer. All the data transmitted in the computer is stored directly in the RAM.

           ROM is a temporary memory that is used only when the computer is built. The existing data can be read only, so it is also called read only memory. 

Secondary Memory 

Secondary memory is used to store the data permanently. It is based on different types of storage such as hard dicks floppy disc CD and DVD-ROM, etc.


Hardware part of the computer that we can touch,We  it hardware. Under this, CPU, input, output, memory unit comes.


Software is a series of instructions written in the programming language, that is, a series of programs that control the functions of a computer system and set up tasks between different hard bores, it is called a group of programs. There are two types software.

1. System software
2. Application software

System software

It has the ability to run and control the program of a computer and take care of its various parts. A program is written to use the computer properly, and a software consisting of several programs is designed.

  •  Operating system

 Operating system is software that acts as a medium between a computer and a user. Such as Windows, Android, iOS, Linux

  • Language translator

Language translator is a program in which the programs written in different programming languages ​​estimate the computer in the machine language, this language is divided into three categories.

  •  Assembler
  •  Compiler
  •  Interpreter

  Application Software

Programs of application software that are used to do our real work. These are mainly of two types -

  1. General purpose software, 
  2. Special purpose software
General Purpose Software 
software in which groups are used by the user to fulfill their common purpose, such as PageMaker, Photoshop, Tally, word processing software, electronic spreadsheets, etc. 

Special Purpose Software 

Special purpose software is created to serve a specific purpose, such as inventory management system, payroll management system, accounting software, etc.

What is computer in English 

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