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In this post update knowledge What is Grammar in English.  - We call it English grammar, under which we can write, understand and speak the words, phrases, clauses and sentences of the English language correctly, we call it the same way English grammar.

History of English Grammar
                                                The first English grammar William Bulokar wrote in 1586 which is rule-based only in Latin, many Bullockers used the improved spelling system. Especially by writers who aimed to be scholars. John Wallis's Grammatical Danish Anglicane (1685) was the last English grammar written in Latin.

What is Grammar in English

how to learn english grammar step by step

Definition of Language

                                                Language is the medium through which people convey their thoughts by speaking or writing and understand themselves by listening or reading the thoughts of others.


The original form of the language was oral. These sound marks, which are prescribed symbols for its sounds, are called varnas, language was written through these sounds.


If we talk about literature, then the repository of knowledge related to these fields is called literature, such as dance, music, drama, poetry, architecture, mechanics, medicine, space science etc. It is the seat of knowledge, this knowledge has been preserved for thousands of years. Are. It has continued to grow. This literature is the accumulated corpus of knowledge. The second meaning of literature is said to be taken from poetry and speed such as story, short story, novel, drama, essay paper and poems are different forms of literature.

Alphabet Definition 

                             A group of alphabet letters can be formed in a certain order. Which consists of words with more than one letter or a sentence consisting of many words. Which is used to write a particular language or group of languages.
"The smallest sound that cannot have more pieces is called a Alphabet."


We call many latter combinations as word.


We call many word combinations as sentences.

Correct Spellings 

We must write well, our writing should be beautiful, when it is read, we must have the correct pronunciation, this process only comes through an exercise.

Part of the Speech

Part of the speech we call it, in this way we know how to write the language correctly, we have to read and speak, it is something like this Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Verb, Adverb, Preposition, Conjunction, Interjection.


The name of a creature's location and object is called a noun.

  • Name- Lalit, Romila, Ashwini, 
  • Beast- Peacock, Cuckoo, Lion, Elephant, 
  • Quote - Mamta, Prabhu, Childhood, Friendship, Proximity,
  • Object- Table, Chair, Desk, Wardrobe, 
  • Place- Munger, Indore, Ghaziabad, Market, Mountains, Himalayas,


    The word that is used in place of a noun is called a pronoun.

  • Example

 They are cooking for us


                    Adverb verb adjective The words which describe the feature of all other parts of Speech except Noun, Pronoun and Interjection are called Adverb. Sometimes it also modifies the entire sentence and group of words.

  • Example: -. Deepak writes slowly
  • In this sentence the word Slowly describes the verb verb called Write. Hence slowly Adverb.


             In these, they have come in place of noun words, this is a pronoun word. Adjective is the Part of Speech that makes sense of one's quality, number, condition, etc.

  • Example: - (a) I have a fine pen. (b) Rona has two Cats.

Note: - Two is the number of cast.


It is the part of Speech in which someone's being or doing appears.

  • Example: - We eat mangoes.
The words in the sentence appear to do or be used for some work; there is information about common eat.


          A preposition word, which is ruling, and usually precedes a noun or pronoun and expresses the relation of another word or element in the clause,
The cartoon on stage who came after dinner.


The conjunctive word is the act of combining two words, the part of sentences and the sentences, they are called conjunctions.
The word conjunctive is also called additive.

  • Example- Tea or coffee for you


Words expressing disgust, warning, praise, surprise, trouble, encouragement, blessing, etc. are called Interjection.

  • Example- Hey Ram! What time has come


Tense literally means time, which is the time to express the position or time of action by the verb, at, during, or beyond.
The form of the action - the sense of time of the completion of the business, is called It is called tense.
It mainly has three distinctions -

  1. Present Tense 
  2. Past  Tense  
  3. Future Tense  


The sign we use to give breaks in written language is called punctuation.

  • Example-, comma,? Interrogator, - Adder, () Bracket,: - Description,: Sub description, _ Instructions etc.


             One person speaks in a mutual conversation, the other listens, then the other speaks, then the first one listens, while talking among themselves, some of the things said are called this dialogue, this conversation is called dialogue. Dialogue can be of two or more persons.

Diary writing 

               Everyday something new happens, a trip to somewhere, a meeting with someone, an event award, attending a meet ceremony, today's topic is written in a diary. Writing a diary is a good habit. It has also been published in a dial written by many great men.

Letter Writing 

                   There is a need to write a letter for some reason in life. Messages reach each other through letters. Letters are written from relatives to government officials and businessmen. Letter writing is a kind of art, it shows the knowledge of the writer. Letter writing should be practiced along with language learning.
Letters are written in two ways-

  1. Formal Latter 
  2. Informal Latter 

Paragraph Writing 

A group of a few sentences written about a single emotion or idea is called a paragraph. It consists of about 8 to 10 sentences. These sentences are related to each other. In these, the same sentiment or idea is written in a structured way. Its language is simple and clear.

Essay Writing 

           Essays are an expression of a person's views on various topics. These are seen as written. While writing these, the person presents his feelings and thoughts in a balanced and structured way. There is no limit to the topics of the essay, the presentation of these topics effectively makes the essay interesting. For this, the essay should be written after preparing the outline.
There are four types of essays -

  1. Narrative Essay, 
  2. Thought Essay, 
  3. Sentiment Essay
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