Why we are celebrating Republic Day

You must know that many types of festivals are celebrated in India. Yes, along with religious, social festivals, national festivals are also celebrated.  Why we are celebrating Republic Day is the main national festival of India after Independence Day. It is celebrated on 26 January. India became independent on 15 August 1947. After independence it took time to prepare the Constitution of India, on 26 January 1950, the Constitution of India was implemented. On this day India became a republic. This day is celebrated as East.
 why is republic day celebrated on 26th january
why is republic day celebrated

We would like to tell you that the main attraction of the day of 26 January is the parade taking place at Rajpath in Delhi. On this day, the President reaches Vijay Chowk near India, he hoists the national flag. After this, the soldiers of the Navy, Army and Air Force salute them.
Republic Day celebrate live 26 january

On this day, a wonderful parade is organized. It showcases the power of the three parts of the Indian Army. We also have weapons and weapons such as tank missiles, helicopters, aircraft etc. are displayed. A glimpse of tableaux is seen in every state of India. This day is celebrated by watching the boys and girls singing and dancing and rejoicing.

Seeing these tableaux, one gets to know the variations of India. This is the biggest feature of India. On this occasion, all Indians live with a glimpse of happiness and unity. The national festival plays an important role in maintaining national unity. Republic Day is one such festival in which entire India is represented.

Every Indian gets a glimpse of unity in the diversity of India on this day.Republic Day celebrations are held in different state capitals. The Governor and Chief Minister take the salute of the parade. Students from schools and colleges participate in the parade. Along with this, the grand cultural programs of music and dance give these celebrations a boost.

And the special thing is that these programs are broadcast live through TV. Entire countrymen are proud to see this grand event.There are more such national festivals in our India which we celebrate with lot of joy and happiness.
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