Some Important Full Form in Computer|Full Form of Computer Parts List

Some Important Full Form in Computer

● ALU         Arithmetic Logic Unit

ASCII        American Standard Code for Information Interchange

●BCD          Binary Code Decimal Code

●CAD          Computer Aided Design

●CD             Compact Disc

●C-DOT       Center for Development of Telematics

●CLASS        Computer Literacy and studies in school

●DOS           Disk Operating System

●C-DAC       Center for Development of Advanced Computing

●DTP           Disk Operating System

●DBMS        Data Base Management system

●ENIAC.       Electronic Numerical Integrator And Calculator

●E-Mail       Electronic Mail

●EPROM     Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

●HTML        Hyper Text Markup Language

●HTTP         Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

●HD             Hard Disk

●HLL           High Level Language

●IBM           International Business Machine

●ISDN         Integrated Service Digital Network

●ISP            Internet Service Provider

●IC              Integrated Circuit

●IBM          International Business Machine Corporation

●LAN         Local Area Network

●LED         Light Emitting Diode

●LCD         Liquid Crystal Display

●MIME     Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension 

●MIPS      Million of Construction per Second

●MODEM Modulator - Demodulator 

MICR     Magnetic Ink Character Reader

MAR      Memory Address Register

●NTP       Network Time Protocol

●ODBC    Open Database Connectivity

OLE       Oject Linking and Embeding 

●OCR       Optical Character Reader

●SQL        Standard Query Language

●VDU       Visual Display Unit

 ●VLSI       Very Large Scale Integration

●VGA        Video Graphics Array 

●WAN       Wide Area Network

●WWW     World Wide Web

●RAM         Random Access Memory

ROM         Read Only Memory

●RDBMS     Relational Data Base Management System

●URL           Uniform Resources Locator

●FAT            File Allocation Table

●ANSI          American National Standard Institute 

●BASIC         Beginner's All Purpose Symbolic Instructions Code 

●CPU             Central Processing Unit 

●CRT.             Cathode Ray Table 

●CD-ROM      Compact Disk Read Only Memor

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