English Recitation for Kids


Why did you run,
When your schoolmates were walking?
Why did you Sprint,
If they started to run,
Why did you train, 
While other were playing?
What was the secret,
That made it seem fun?
Was it the feel,
Of the fresh air and sunshine?
Wad it the stir,
Of the breeze in your hair?
What made the coach,
Recognize you were special?
Was it because,
You had courage to spare?
Showing you will,
When the muscles were aching.
Long spelled of effort,
And much to be learned.
Heeding the words.
That some others rejected.
Knowing that winning,
Could only be earned.
Time slipped away,
Then come the Olympics;
Still in your teens,
But spurred on by the cheers;
Glory at last-
As you gained your gold medals,
A time to remember,
The rest of your years.


A fox was trotting on one day,
And just above his head
He saw a vine with lovely grapes,
Rich,ripe,and purple-red;

     Eager he tried to snatch the fruit,
     But, ah! It was too high!
     Poor Reynard had to give it up,
     And heaving a deep sigh,

He curl's his nose and said,"Dear me!
I wound not waste an hour
Upon such mean and common fruit-
I'm sure those grapes are sour!

    'Tie thus we offer wish thro' life,
     When seeking wealth and power 'r;
     And when we fail, say, like the fox,
    "We're sure the grapes are sour!"


We are living on this plant as,
        If we had another
One to go to, go green to save green.

There is no life without greenery,

   So make the earth.
Green save the earth planet trees;

What you take from the earth;

You must give back,
Love the earth, it's the only
One we've got.


Save water, Save life;
Special features of water,
Next time there's a storm,
You need to leave save water find a wate