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What is Machine

Machines -          Machines are devices made by  humans   to make work easy and efficient. They help us work fast and save our time and energy. Machine is any device that makes work easier. Human body parts act as machines. For example our arms can be machines which can be used for lifting up objects easily. Also called, machine is a device for altering the magnitude or direction of a force.  Etymology-             The word machine comes from the Greek word ‘Makhana’ which means a   ‘Device’  to describe any structure. It appeared for the first time in 1540 in English."Machine" has an interesting historical underpinnings that follows its beginnings back to old times. Gotten from the Latin word "machina," which thus came from the Greek word "mēkhanē," the term has developed over hundreds of years to incorporate an expansive scope of implications. In old Greece, "mēkhanē" alluded to a contraption or gadget used to accomplish a particular reason. T

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